I am Stefano Bailoni,
wine is my passion, my legacy and my profession.
Since 1997 I run, take care of and grow Cantina Bailoni, our family heritage that dates back to 1952. I stay grounded in tradition without ever forgetting to keep my eyes pointed to the future.

Please have a taste of our wines
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zero-mile wines from Trentino

In our winery located in Ravina, Italy tradition and innovation give life to extraordinary wines

who I am

I am Stefano Bailoni,
wine is my passion, my legacy and my profession.

I love wine and all that goes around it, every harvest brings unexpected discoveries and ever-changing conditions that make my job constantly alive and creative!
My values are pureness and simplicity, they are keys to the creation of wines which celebrate the uniqueness and quality of our grapes; I truly believe to be living in an extraordinary environment in this sense and that’s why it’s necessary to keep it striving healthily in time, but how? Sustainability and zero-mile wine growing.
Please take a look around and at our wines, we wait for you at the Cantina!

our roots

Wine is our story, our story is wine

1952 | Cantina Bailoni is born

It’s the early 50s and my family’s wine farm moves its first steps thanks to the huge effort and dedication of grandpa Giacomo and later of my father, Giovanni. Things were different back then, so was the demand from consumers and the market. Production was therefore mainly oriented to red and white wines sold in liters or demijohns.

1997 | roots and future

My story and the present of the business start in 1997. It’s this year precisely that saw me, Stefano, taking care of the harvest for the very first time: just like in any successful story, there naturally was a little sprinkle of luck.<br /> That harvest year was exceptional: perfectly healthy, ripe grapes rich in flavor thanks to a climatically great season. 1997 was the year in which Blu Perla (Blue Pearl), one of our finest blends, was born and that is still produced only during the best of seasons.<br /> In the following years and always with lots of passion, new technologies allowed me to create all the other precious bottles in the cellar. Without ever forgetting about the past yet with the eyes confidently pointed to the future.

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Tradition to me is my very story. The one from my family and from my land. The story of the grapes growing in my region. Whilst the eyes always point to what’s next for the business, I rely on solid terrain coming from years of heritage, which I never take for granted and that keeps me grounded in the choices I take today and for the ones that will come.


Innovation means to me never stopping, not settling for a mediocre result. With respect and love for tradition, I have been rewardingly trying in the years to innovate production and our methods in order to obtain a modern, constantly higher quality product.

zero-mile wine growing

Zero-mile means to me having full visibility over the quality and origin of the grapes. No need to say that great wine indispensably comes from exceptional raw produce. I know my land and I trust its fruit and my farmers.

our wines

I look for pureness and complexity in our wines:
two elements that enhance the peculiarity and quality of our grapes in Trentino.



traditional method

Our zero-mile sparkling wine


moscato giallo

Aromatic end of the meal

sweet wines

red wines


bold and rich

About pureness & innovation


scents from Trentino

Elegant freshness

white wines

The Cantina

What would wine without conviviality even be?

That’s what inspired me to open the doors of my cellar for people to buy and taste wine during a visit to the barrel room where the finest red wines age.

The story of Cantina Bailoni is one that needs to be told this way: holding a glass of wine in the hand and looking into each other’s eyes.

You can buy our bottles, take a tour or plan some wine tasting (upon reservation) in the cellar.

Find us Monday to Friday from 8 to 12 AM and from 2 to 6 PM; Saturdays from 8 to 12 AM. We however suggest you reach out to us before stopping by, so we are sure to be there.

we wait for you at the Cantina

The story of Cantina Bailoni is one that needs to be told this way:
holding a glass of wine in the hand and looking into each other’s eyes.


Come on in and take a look…
Get a taste of our work, our story and wine.